Latex Allergy and Latex Free Gloves

16th Apr 2012

In continuing to try and improve the level of care for our patients, we wish to advise patients that we have recently made a decision to stop the use of latex gloves within the practice.

For many years, latex gloves have been the gloves of choice within the medical and dental profession, due to their comfort, ease of use and low cost. However, they do carry the risk of allergic reaction with a small number of people with latex allergy, which can be extremely serious. Where we are aware that a patient has a latex allergy, a latex free option would be used, but clearly there is always the risk that a patient may have a latex allergy and be unaware of this.

In view of this, and the improvement in quality of latex free gloves, we will now no longer be using any latex containing gloves within the practice. This will eliminate the risk to patients of any such allergic reactions.