Help for nervous patients

If you suffer from fear when needing to visit the dentist have you considered Hypnotherapy?

It is a safe, natural therapy which works with your subconscious mind to reduce & overcome your dental anxiety so you really can feel more relaxed & in control prior to & during your dental appointments.

Lindsay Rogers of Mindbalance is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist who really does understand dental anxiety as she also a qualified dentist. Using her therapeutic techniques combined with her dental knowledge, she has developed an effective & relevant hypnotherapy programme that enables her clients to feel more comfortable, confident & in control at the dentist. Lindsay says ‘after a course of hypnotherapy my clients often tell me that they were surprised at how relaxed & in control they felt during their dental appointments. It is so rewarding seeing their confidence grow which helps to encourage them to visit the dentist to have & maintain a healthy mouth & a nice smile’.

For more information about how hypnotherapy may be able to help you to overcome your dental fears have a look at the dental section on Lindsay’s website or give her a call on 07977416885.