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Special Care for Anxious Patients

No Fear Dentists is our service designed specifically for dentally anxious patients.

We have a highly trained and experienced team with vast experience in dealing with anxious patients. We recognise that there are very different reasons for, and very different levels of dental anxiety. We are simply here to help you through and to make the experience of treatment as manageable and as comfortable for you as possible.

Lots of TLC!

For all our highly anxious patients the most important aspect of our service which we can give you is… time! By spending time listening to your concerns, past experiences, and current expectations we can begin to build a picture of each individual patient, and start to discuss with you different treatment options. For some patients, this will simply involve lots of TLC, with reassurance, explanation and support from all our team. It is often the case that where patients are given this support, that is all they require and they are often surprised at how well they cope with treatment.

Education and Information

We believe that a fundamental aspect of reducing anxiety for patients is by ensuring that patients are both educated and informed about various aspects of their dental health. By helping patients to understand what factors affect their dental health, patients are able to take the necessary steps to improve their dental health – improved dental health means less treatment, improved patient confidence and less anxiety!

It can also be helpful to educate patients about particular treatments (although we do understand that some patients don’t want too much information!). Helping to remove some of the disinformation that is around is a very powerful tool in helping patients overcome their anxiety.

To help educate and inform patients, on this website you will find numerous links to different organisations giving good information regarding dental care and treatment.

Explored below are a number of options available to anxious patients which either alone or combined can be used to assist them through their treatment:-