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General Dentistry

Our Bath dental practice offers a broad range of dental services to all our patients – examinations, hygiene therapy, fillings, crowns, veneers, dentures etc. The only treatments we do not provide at the practice are dental implants and orthodontic treatment.

New patients to the practice will receive a comprehensive examination at which we will find out as much about you, your previous dental treatment and experiences, and your expectations of what you are looking for from us. This usually takes 30-40 minutes and may include x-rays and photos.

Dentistry today focuses much more on preventing disease, so patients will be given advice regarding diet, oral hygiene, the impact of smoking, and the benefits of keeping their mouth healthy. We encourage patients to do as much as possible themselves to maintain a healthy mouth. Our approach is one of prevention, with treatment on a minimal intervention basis as and when required.

We have a number of clips to help you understand each step of some of the most common treatments we offer.

Where treatment is required, we wish our patients to retain as natural an appearance as possible. We are able to offer patients tooth coloured fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers, and tooth whitening.


A major part of keeping your mouth healthy involves caring for your gums through effective brushing and flossing. It has been shown that unhealthy gums increase the risk of both heart disease and diabetes. Unhealthy gums are the commonest cause of tooth loss as we get older.

Our hygienist will professionally remove the damaging build up of bacterial plaque that causes gum disease. Plaque is a soft sticky substance full of bacteria which thrive by feeding of sugar in the diet – the more sugar, the more plaque so the more damage! These same bacteria can also attack the tooth surface causing dental decay.

Our hygienist will advise you on how to avoid both dental decay and gum disease by discussing your diet and advising you how to brush and clean effectively.

All our patients are encouraged to attend on a reasonably regular basis so that we can monitor and maintain your dental health.

For patients who may wish further information regarding specific treatments, you may wish to try the following links:-

British Dental Health Foundation has a very informative ” Tell me about ” section on general dentistry

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