Dental Care Plan

Dental Care Plan Scheme

We firmly believe that regular attendance and maintenance are vitally important in keeping our patients’ mouths healthy. These visits also give us the opportunity to build trust and to develop long term relationships which greatly assist in reducing anxiety levels. The visits are also vital in ensuring that we keep our patients motivated.

Once patients have completed an initial course of treatment, they will be encouraged to attend on a regular basis, and will be offered the opportunity to join our Dental Care Plan scheme. This not only helps to spread the cost of treatment, but also acts as an incentive for patients to attend regularly.

Benefits and Advantages

  • 15% OFF standard treatment fees
  • Free x-rays
  • 2 dental examinations per year
  • 2 hygienist appointments per year
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Accidental injury insurance
  • Emergency Callout Insurance – Worldwide
  • Redundancy Protection
  • Hospital cover

This represents a great value package, allowing patients to spread the cost of treatment whilst gaining substantial benefits at no additional cost.

Membership of our Dental Care Plan scheme costs £19.20 per month, with an initial one off administration fee of £9.50.

We hope that once you have invested your time, emotions and money in getting your mouth healthy, you will wish to keep it that way. We hope that you will trust us with this care.