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Bath Dentist for Anxious Patients

The primary aim of No Fear Dentists is to support patients who are anxious, scared or simply terrified at the prospect of attending for dental treatment.

A warm and friendly welcome awaits any anxious patient at our Bath dentist for anxious patients. Prospective patients are very welcome to call in and see the practice, chat to the reception staff, have a coffee, and get a general feel of the practice. If you do choose to book an appointment, you are very welcome to bring a friend or family member with you – we can also look after them, with appropriate refreshments, current magazines, Wi-Fi access and TV!!

We know patients can be anxious for many different reasons. At No Fear Dentists, we listen closely to the patient to develop an understanding about their individual anxieties. This then helps us to advise the patient on suitable treatment options. Some patients find that simply talking through their concerns with a team that listens, and shows care and understanding, can be sufficient to give them the confidence to accept minor treatment.

We will generally try and do whatever is necessary to help patients through the treatment process. Over the years we have accommodated numerous less usual requests from patients – ear plugs, listening to particular music, use of a mirror to observe what was being done, no music/noise/radio, use of stress ball, comfort blanket etc. In our view, no request is trivial, so please ask. We are here to help.

However, for many patients, additional support from the team is necessary, and these additional options, either on their own, or combined, may be used to help patients through their treatment. These services may be explored in our care and treatment section under:-

        Special Care for Anxious Patients

Additional information and support for anxious patients is available from various resources beyond our website, and we have listed some of our favourite websites and apps below.

We hope that some of the testimonials posted will encourage you to take that bold step and to start the process of overcoming your anxiety.